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Digital X-Rays
Photograph of a digital x-ray from Oak Dental Care Dental technology has improved so many aspects of our life, including dentistry. Increasingly, the tools and resources we are obtaining is leading to faster observation, improved techniques and more painless procedures. One of the biggest advancements is digital x-rays. Radiology has long been thought to be a dentist’s greatest tool, and the digital format has vastly enhanced the speed, ability to see and understand, patient safety, and storage. Our staff at Oak Dental Care can help you have and maintain a healthier smile with the help of digital x-rays.

Digital Radiology, The Superior Option

It’s becoming harder to remember the old film format of dental x-rays. The old version provided valuable information, but came with a lot of limitations. The small slides were difficult to see, difficult to understand, difficult to create, and used a radiation level that was safe, but still made many patients uneasy. Digital x-rays have changed all of that. The digital advantage provides images that are:

•  Easy To Obtain: Digital radiology uses x-ray–sensitive plates that transfers the images directly to a computer system using a digital image capturing device. No chemicals, no processing or dark rooms needed. Digital images are captured and displayed in minutes on a screen nearby.
•  Clear, Large Images: In the past, the slides that were used were known for being small and grainy. Oftentimes patients had zero idea what they were seeing or what it meant without explanation. Digital x-ray images are captured at a very high resolution which can be displayed on a monitor near your chair. We are able to zoom in to tiny areas and out to show the structure. These images help us explain and educate our patients with so much more detail and visible reference. Patients who see and understand the problem appreciate being informed and often have better oral health in the future.
•  Use Considerably Less Radiation: Digital x-ray images are captured with a small fraction of the radiation from the traditional slide format. It’s important to note that the radiation levels from x-rays are within safety guidelines, but it should put our patients more at ease to know that digital radiology uses about 1/10th the radiation of the traditional format. Digital x-rays use considerably less radiation to capture.
•  Saved and Easy to Share: Digital radiology images are saved and can be shared digitally. This may seem insignificant, but traditional slide x-ray images were tiny slides that were kept in folders. They were easy to lose, and difficult to share with other dental professionals when needed. Today, we save all images in a computer file that can be opened anywhere in the office and if you request an image to be sent to another dental office, we can share it with the click of a button. Easy, no hassle files.

We value the information collected from digital radiology. It allows us to spot problems that can’t be seen with a probe or through visual dental examination alone. Our staff at Oak Dental Care are happy to answer your questions about digital x-rays. For more information, contact our Port Charlotte at (941) 629 - 4400.
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Digital X-Rays • Oak Dental Care • Port Charlotte, FL
Dental technology has greatly improved dentistry. At Oak Dental Care can help you have and maintain a healthier smile with the help of digital x-rays.
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