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Night Guards
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Nightguards at Oak Dental Care in Port Charlotte, FLOne common issue from which many people suffer is teeth grinding while asleep, something that places a lot of pressure on their jaw and can damage their teeth in the process. While there is no foolproof cure for the issue, there are some treatment options to consider. Night mouthguards are the most popular of them because not only are they easy to use but they also happen to be highly effective. It is always recommended to customize your mouthguards to ensure that they are as useful and comfortable as possible. If you’d like to look into a pair of night mouthguards to help combat teeth grinding, should visit our office at Oak Dental Care so we can help you.

Relieves Jaw Pressure

Constant teeth grinding puts a lot of pressure on the jaws. While you might not realize it right away, you will likely end up suffering from sore jaws that make it difficult to bite into anything. In some cases, you might even develop temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome, a condition that impacts the way your jaw functions. Sometimes the condition gets so bad that even talking becomes painful.

Night mouthguards are one of the best ways to minimize the damage from teeth grinding and relieve sore teeth and jaws. They work by reducing the friction between the upper and lower jaw while also relieving tension and relaxing the jaw muscles. It might take a few weeks, but a properly fitted mouthguard worn consistently should help relieve some of the pain you might be experiencing while preventing any issues grinding teeth have already caused by worsening.

Protects Enamel

Constant teeth grinding can impact the enamel on your teeth. This is not a good situation for a number of reasons, the primary being that losing tooth enamel can lead to increasingly sensitive teeth that can make it difficult to live your life without pain. Constant enamel loss also makes it very difficult to shield the tooth against infections. Your teeth enamel work as a shield to protect your teeth from bacteria and compromising that barrier can risk your overall oral health.

To achieve the optimal relief from nightly teeth grinding, make sure that you invest in customized mouthguards. Using an over-the-counter (OTC) solution might seem like a good idea, but in reality, its effectivity will be greatly hindered because it doesn’t conform to your mouth and teeth. A mouthguard made specifically for you will always be more effective because it was designed to relieve the specific pressure points and problem areas you are experiencing.

Sound Sleep

Because it can be so painful, nightly teeth grinding has the potential to seriously impact your sleep. And when you wake up every thirty minutes because your jaw hurts, your overall quality of life will begin to decline along with your sleep levels. A night mouthguard can avoid this by working to prevent and relieve the pressure you experience.

If you are interested in protective your teeth during activities, we also offer mouthguards (sports) for certain patients.

If you want to know more about a mouthguard that offers relief from teeth grinding, give us a call at (941) 629 - 4400 or visit our office at Oak Dental Care so we can design one for you.
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If you’d like to look into a pair of night mouthguards to help combat teeth grinding, should visit our office at Oak Dental Care so we can help you. Call today!
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